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Computer Aided Team Combat

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    Well, what are you waiting for? You have the tools, go and do it.

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    Computer Aided Team Combat

    Hey Guys

    I was just thinking how good it would be if there was more assistance from the AI in games.

    Imagine if when your playing Unreal Tournament in Onslaught or Warefare Mode, (I personally dont like the orb in UT3) and after you've caputured a point the computer sends a squad of Lesser FootSoldiers to defend the captured point.

    or a similar system in games like red orchestra.

    Remember in Battlezone how you were playing an rts and an fps at the same time? That was totally sweet.

    Battlezone was totally cool how it was an rts and an fps, I cant believe its over 11 years old now.

    Theres this game over at Armourgames called warefare 1944 and its totally sweet its like a strategy game but simplified.

    I want a game thats a simplified strategy game, but an fps aswell, right clicking and telling units to defend a point is far to lame same as base building, telling a group of units to deploy an mg and set up a sandbag wall would be cool tho and the RTS camera might simply fly above the player alone when you deploy these things, it would help you micro-manage friendly bots or players aswell.