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Possibility of creating a racing based game

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    Possibility of creating a racing based game

    I an trying to find out how easy/possible it is to create a racing based mod using UDK. this is a school based project so it most likely to be more of a proof of concept than anything else.

    it's to be a simple map with 4 or so cars decked out in guns etc and the objective of the game is to blow up, slow the other racers before the finish line.
    similar to the death race movie theme.

    what i want to know is how possible would it be?

    How much could we get a way with without coding?

    Are there any examples of previous racing games of any form that use UT3 or UDK engine?


    Please, please learn to use google and search. There's an entire vehicle section in MSUC and more than one entry is a racing game. Correct or not, the perception is, if you're too lazy to search, why should I go do it for you?

    Also consider how anyone would answer those questions. For instance I could just say "its possible". Is that really what you want? I'm not trying to be mean, but people will chomp your head off if you fail to do a simple google or forum search and ask "is this game type possible" questions. All gametypes are possible. If you have specific questions, then of course ask them, but make them specific!


      It should be pretty straightforward, the UDK comes with vehicles with guns so you've got a good template to work from straight away.


        I haven't gone through the MSUC lists, so I don't know if UnWheel's in there, but: non-combat racing, been developed since at least UE2 games (IIRC), probably the first place I'd go for inspiration if I wanted to make a racer.