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speed tree modeler: leaves hand drawing mode ?

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    speed tree modeler: leaves hand drawing mode ?

    Hello guys, i'm experimenting with speed tree hand drawing mode,I currently manage to hand draw trunk and branches but can't seem to draw branches with leaves at the same time as shown on the official site: > hand drawing a palm tree
    Did anyone manage to do so using templates or differently ?

    THX a lot

    This thread is a little old so you have probably figured this out by now, but for anyone else this is one of the first hits on google so. . .ff I understand your question correctly what you want to do is set up your hierarchy in the generation menu first. For example try adding a hand drawn trunk, then hand drawn branch, then some standard branches and finally leaves. This should draw a trunk node on your first stroke Athena branch on you second which it will then procedurally create an additional level of branches and leaves for. Don't forget to set up your materials as well.

    And if you are wanting to the palm tree fronds I found a way to work that as well. Open the hand drawn sample tree that came with speed tree, in its generation menu right click on the hand drawn frond and save it as a template. If you put it in the template folder in the speed tree modelers directory you can select if from the drop down list later on. Just set it up like any other node and you should be set to go.