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    Performance Question.

    Hi All,

    I am very new to the UDK, and somewwhat new to programming and I have one immediate concern and wanted the experience of this community to shed some light on it for me :P

    My PC is 2.6Ghz HT(not duo), and I have an Nvidia 7600 GS AGP 8x w/512 mem on the card. Win XP Pro, 1 gig ram.

    The sample map, game, and the editor, etc runs at a very slow framerate and the spec in the sample map/game looks like glowing plastic...akk.

    I believe I have the latest driver for my video card as I play several MMO's and as you all know, they make you update your video driver all the time.

    So does UDK require a PCI-X system to run? I missing some thing so simple that I will smack my foot with a rock when it gets figured out?

    Well, thanks for taking the time to read this, I plan to be around a very long time and hope to grow in this community.

    All the best.

    Your spec is a bit on the low side to be honest. Maybe time for an upgrade?


      did you play any other games made with either UDK or UE3? (indie and/or AAA grade)
      how well do those perform on your system?


        The UDK defaults to the highest possible detail settings, which will slow things down on lesser machines. You can change that by editing the ini files, but that's not ideal for development. It especially needs plenty of RAM; the editor alone can easily gobble up more than 1GB of RAM by itself.


          For development you really should invest 500 bucks or some more for a new rig.