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Widescreen resolution cropping question

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    Widescreen resolution cropping question

    Hey all

    My game project limits the player to movement within the screen area at all times, within the level itself, not screen co-ords or anything of that nature. in 4:3 resolution, it's all fine and works great as that's how I've set up the level boundaries.

    But I've noticed an issue recently when trying out widescreen with the way Unreal crops the top and bottom of the screen rather than extends the sides. My pawn basically moves off of screen when at the top or bottom of the playing area. Everything works fine, it's just that the game image is rendered shorter in widescreen than in 4:3 ratio.

    My question: can I change it so that widescreen resolutions either render in 4:3 with bars either side of the image, or instead of shortening the 4:3 image, it widens the rendered image?

    Or is it maybe even possible to scale FOV according to screen ratio? That would be a perfect solution.

    Otherwise, it seems the only solution is adapt the player area or FOV to widescreen at all times, meaning the play area would be reduced/shortened and wouldn't work as well, not to mention it would make playing in 4:3 seem restricted and not good at all. :S

    UE3 has a fixed horizontal FOV (widescreen gets top and bottom chopped off), not a fixed vertical FOV (standard aspect ratio gets sides chopped off). Just change the FOV to whatever you need. However, if the play area is of fixed size, then you're never going to be able to fit it in exactly in both widescreen and standard aspect ratios; you will either have part chopped off, or some extra empty space.


      I see thanks for your reply!

      Is there a way to set the FOV manually then, according to what the users aspect ratio in my camera class? How can I get the current user's ratio? I don't want to do every single resolution setting manually, but if I can just set the FOV according to 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10, I don't think that would be too hacky would it? :P If it's even possible of course.


        Well I've fixed my FOV for 16:9 widescreen, and now I'd like to have a letterbox effect when using any other aspect ratio. I've been trying to get a UI scene to do what I need, but I can't seem to get it to scale both top and bottom bars correctly. I can't get it so it displays no letterbox in widescreen and then keep the same ratio for the bars as you change resolution.

        Can this be done effectively? Even if you can manually adjust the position of the bars for each res setting. I can't find that option, though. I've played around the the EVAL_positions in the bars and all, no luck