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A Camera Compendium?

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    A Camera Compendium?

    Instead of letting people suffer trying to get a basic functioning isometric/2.5d/3rdperson I working,
    I think it would be a great idea to throw together a package that contains fully working version of all these "angles" that are easily interchangeable with aiming and rocket launcher included.

    Because lets face it making levels and changing numbers is a lot more fun than scripting.

    Here's some source codes from UT3 which I think would very useful.


    and of course those here on the UDK forums which has been extremely useful thus far:

    Dandi8's post

    Overhaul of Isometric Tutorial + Pathfinding

    The advantages of this?

    You can switch between camera angles with a simple console command by typing in "Camera thirdperson", "Camera firstperson", "Camera Isometric".

    So level designers would be able to get the camera they want by just including this console command on the level startup and would also be able to dynamically change it with triggers etc.

    What else would be cool?
    If there was some kinda of callibration map or command which people could use to tweak the respective camera while ingame.
    For instance in a 2d camera the user might want the camera to be slightly higher than it is currently.
    Instead of guessing the right value and messing with variables multiple of times, the user could enter a kind of callibration mode where the player could move the camera with an GUI or Keyboard keys with the appropiate values showing on screen which the user could change to get that camera placement.

    Movement, Gameplay addons:

    Extending something like GamePawn opens up some cool new possibities, but you loose the ability to dodge and double jump and some other cool things.

    If the relevant code for these movements could be seperated with copy paste instructions newer users would be able to "customize" their gameplay.
    Another useful example would be UT2D 2.0 where the aiming is constraint in moving around a circular radius around your character.
    Some people would rather of prefered it if you could move it freely, so an easy way to switch between basic gameplay/aiming styles would also be a good edition.

    This is a very tall order, but if it can be pulled off it'll reduce the entry level for creating basic non revoltionary games dramatically.

    Teach them how to fish, or the camera will be the least of their problems.


      BTW, "isometric" doesn't just mean "move the camera to a different location", I don't know if true isometric is even possible in UE..

      and, yeah, there should be pretty easily findable pieces by now, for how to get each of the common camera styles, and how to deal with their problems. If you feel like it, go ahead and combine all of those into a single set of classes, for everyone else.


        can you post the Pathfinding mod file to MODDB ?


          Any updates?