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    Post Videos Here.

    Hello Ladies & Gents, Happy HOLIDAYS

    I searched the forum and did not find anything on this topic. If there is one I apologize for this spam, please advise me so I may quickly shut down this thread.

    Basically in this thread I would like to establish a Vid Doc UDK Wiki. What you will be doing is posting a Video Doc of your experiences, faults and success, make it presentable, show us your project from scratch, explain along the way what it is you are trying to do. In regards to the Vid Doc, let us see your errors and how you corrected them, this way, us viewers pick up what you learned from your experience along with you. We can all ride in the trial together.

    Not only will this be great for us in terms of knowledge to gain, but also, the person uploading the Vid Doc, by you doing this (should you take pride in your work) your presentation skills will get better & better as you post more Vids, you will learn applicative concise methods in presentation. Thus, making them sharper, preparing you, molding you... for that special day when you have to present a Vid Doc to a video game company you are pitching your demo too.

    I have only started tinkering with UDK for three days now and therefore have nothing to contribute at this time. However, that will change in time.

    Ladies & Gentleman. Let the Vid docs begin.

    Good idea. I'll contribute in the Summer Holiday because i have Three Months off Uni.