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attach a camera actor to a static on animation

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    attach a camera actor to a static on animation


    assuming that i have an animation of a vehicle that run along a path

    how to attach a fixed camera on this vehicle

    i want that after the animation the player jump directly on another vehicle

    so the player can control it

    thanks and good day

    A few things:

    Im not exactly sure what you are asking here...

    You want to attach a camera actor to a static mesh that is animating? (Going off the title of your thread) You want the actor to be an interpolation actor so you can animate it in matinee. Then you can place the camera in world space where you want it in relation to the vehicle and attach it by adding the vehicle as the parent of the interpolating camera in the camera's properties (select camera and hit f4).

    Does this help?


      sorry for the confusion

      i have static mesh that represent a vehicle (for example a car)
      and that is animated in matinee along a path

      what i want is to attach a camera to the vehicle lets say the bumper view

      so the camera move with the car inside the matinee animation and the player see the camera point of view

      after the animation finish i want to "jump" directely to another vehicle so
      the player can control this last one and start to play

      thanks and good day


        Place cameras in your level relative to the vehicles where you want them to be. Open up the camera properties, lock the property window, go to attach and select the car mesh. Then assign the car mesh to the camera attach object field or whatever it's called. ;P There should appear a green box and a line between the objects if you managed to attach the camera.

        Do the same with the other cameras and vehicles. Then in Kismet/Matinée you swap the cameras where needed.

        I hope that helps.


          hmm too bad i can't test it until tonight !!!!

          2 - have you an idea how to enter a vehicle in kismet or anything else

          after the animation i want the player to control a vehicle and start to play



            open your kismet

            create a new Level Startup Event

            then a new action>Pawn>Enter Vehicle

            create a new player variable
            and then select your car and add it to kismet and then connect target to player and the vehicle to your vehicle
            and your done


              very helpfull !



                Hi, I am having a similar issue and I follow the instructions using the properties window to attach two objects togther. In the properties it says they objects are attached, however, in game they do not seem to have any relation to each other. I also tried using the attach to actor node in Kismit, and it is not working. What I am trying to do is attach a skeletal mesh actor to a kactor, so the ovement of the kactor wil drive the movement of the skeletalmesh. Anyone have any suggestions, is there something I missed?



                  Thank you very much