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    Custom Weapon Questions

    Hey guys me and a friend are currently working on our first mod. If anyone's interested in watching us fumble out way through it you can follow our progress here

    Anyways we're both artists through and through and have zero experience with Unreal script. We want to modify the link guns alt-fire. It needs to have roughly twice the range, a coloured beam, new sound effects and most importantly it needs to spawn decals when the beam collides with the environment. We created a basic prototype to demonstrate the decal spawning.

    Prototype vid link

    What I'm asking is A) would this be possible and B) if it is possible would it need a serious amount of fancy coding done or it could it be done by copying and pasting code.

    Thanks for all responses in advanced

    you wont need any fancy code to do that.

    1. for the beam to have twice the range you will have to create a copy/modify the emitter that the link gun uses for the beam.
    2. custom sounds: in your code you just point to the package containing your sounds rather than the stock sounds.
    3. decals: looks like you already have figured that out.


      Ok thats cools but sadly the decals in the vid are just faked. They're already hidden in the environment, they simply become unhidden when they take damage.


        should all be posible with copy/paste coding, just change the names an off you go