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    What now?


    Though some excellent advice from another thread, i have done quite a few tutorials, and can now do what i want to do. I want to create a top-down, mass alien murder type game, where a character gets $1 (Or there about) for every alien destroyed, and a bank balance of less than $100 000 is laughable. Hopefully that paints a pretty picture in your mind. Basically, i want similar landscapes to the Diablo games, with huge amaounts of ememies and lots of gore and blood.

    My problem is now this - i am no artist. I have ideas, but my hand draws a peanut when i try to draw a monster-killing robot. This is only a hobby, and i want somebody like minded that enjoys making art stuffs for games to make the artwork for me. By that i mean somebody who will enjoy making the texture for the landscapes, and basic static meshes for stuff on the landscapes, and a basic character (Drone Like Robot is what i'm after). Picture Diablo 2, a million years in the future. Thats what i'm looking for (Scenery Wise, gameplay will be totally different).

    I know that this is not the right place to look for partners, but My Question is this: Where do i go from here? What would be the right way of getting this dream of mine off the ground?

    Any advice would be apreciated, and just for kicks - UDK Rocks!

    Originally posted by markzilla View Post
    My Question is this: Where do i go from here? What would be the right way of getting this dream of mine off the ground?
    I'd use the existing assets in the UDK to construct a basic prototype, then show it off in the Show-Off forum and the Recruitment forum in order to get people interested in your project. People are more likely to offer their services to a project they're both excited about and can verify exists.


      Good point. Basic prototype - here we come!


        You almost started in right direction. Write either recruitment topic or work in progress. Working prototype will grab more attention. Also carefully explain size of your project, trying to jump higher than you can is bad here, because most such projects never go beyond making few swords or some concept art, so people learned to avoid them. Write what skills you have, and what kind of help you need.

        For prototype, code camera, some kind of spammy gun, use standard robot character with crowd system as aliens, also kill or cash counter.


          such lameness

          not a cop-out, no, a crie to humanity...

          I was a few steps away from posting a protoype of the game i have in mind. A very simple yet functional (and freaking ugly, but it was my ugly) game. I live in south africa and the people responsible for destrying my country stole my pc over new years eve. nice, eh?

          I'll be gone for a while, but when i get another pc and can put it together again, you'll see my prototype.

          cheers for now.