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    Im addicted

    Hi. Im actually addicted this unreal 3 engine its awsome. So far ive learnt how to make a room, basic texturing and put a base suport frame in so it looks like the building has got a structure. What i did was follow the tutorial of udk the simple room to where you done the base and then i did my own not using the tutorials. This is by far the easiest editor ive used. I carnt wait till i do more pluss the scripting side as well. Like where you make buttons work etc.

    What im planning to do is make a corridoor that looks like a space ship corridoor but using Base structures so its looks farly rounded if you no what i mean.

    I just carnt believe how good and easy it is to learn. Also by far one of the best tutorials there is. so clear and does everything step by step. Only thing what i carnt seem to remember are the X.Y,Z axis. I keep forgeting which is up down etc. I dont no why though :P.

    But yeah carnt wait to do more but im having a rest now for at least a day because you can actualy do too much and what you learnt goes in on and out of the other because your doing too much.

    Good to hear. I'll be trying UDK for the first time when I get my computer this Christmas.

    Are you using the updated December version?


      Hi skipper

      I was glad to read that you are progressing and finding it easy. I am awaiting the Mastering Unreal Level 1 book which should be arriving real soon. I tend to learn from books rather than videos, it's probably because I am so slow and I need to keep going over things until they stick !


      Edit: Mastering Unreal Technology Level Design (SAMs) arrived today.

      Quick opinion: Excellent introduction (and more) it even gives a good grounding in general materials, modelling in 3ds Max, unwrapping etc. I am well pleased


        Good to hear people getting the simple fun of learning and creating that this brings, welcome to the addiction!