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2 Simple questions about UDK

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    2 Simple questions about UDK

    Hey gusy,

    Im seeking anwser to two simple questions that I ooze around.

    I am kind of new with UDK and we have a game project at my school, so I saw
    this as an oppertunity. First of all, is there a way to compile your game project
    done in UDK to a standalone game somewhere on the harddrive.

    The second one was if there is a way to change everything in the game to be
    custom, like weapons, textures and the game player that you start with, if so, can I use custom models and stuff made in for example 3DS Max and / or Photoshop?

    Oh, and one last question. So this makes it 3. Does it have good 2D support. Maybe for making HD 2D games with animation and stuff to them?


    - Lars

    First two questions,
    yes you are able to package your game as a stand alone installer.
    Also The UDK was meant for you to create all of your own assets with the exeption being you may and should use the UT3 code provided if you are making a first or third person shooter. As for 2D, No. You can fake 2D in the engine by restricting the camera to follow along the side of the player and limit the players movement to only two directions and come up with a game like Little Big Planet. The engine itself does not have two-dimension render methods


      So how do I publish the game into a standalone version?


        Check this
        will try to update it soon...

        and 3D Buzz just released a bunch of great video tutorials...its best to take a "hand on" approach and try to look around the forums and documentation first.


          nice to know
          that this question has already been answered aptly.


            Well you could make the 2D game using HUD drawing and other trickery. Not sure how efficient it'd be though.


              I don't think that these is a really good idea to use UE3 for creating 2D games.

              Only if something like in this video -