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UDK using new XAudio2 audio system

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    UDK using new XAudio2 audio system

    I noticed in the DevelopmentKitBuildUpgradeNotes that the UDK audio system had been changed from OpenAL to XAudio2. Does anyone know why that was? Was it just a stability/compatibility issue, or does XAudio2 provide us with some wonderful new audio capabilities? Any info would be appreciated.

    The PC sound system is now XAudio2

    * It also means you can easily get proper 5.1 sound on the PC.
    * Everything works in 6 channels internally, and either outputs as 6 channel or stereo

    Also while I am at it, I was reading through the Audio System doc and it mentions a couple of maps that are available in UTGame. I've searched my system but cannot find reference to them anywhere.

    Test maps

    UTGame has several test maps for verifying audio system functionality -

    * DM-SoundLoop - to test infinitely looping and loop with notification sounds.
    * DM-SoundReverb - to test reverb and attenuation with a low pass filter.
    * DM-SoundMultichannel - to test 5.1 playback.
    * DM-SoundMode - to test sound modes. Available test modes are loud, quiet, quick, slow, lowpass, bandpass, highpass.
    * DM-SoundInterior - to test the ambient zone functionality.
    Are they available? I am interested in any sort of information on UDK audio techniques.

    In general I just think I am jealous of Red UDN Documentation Links... there has got to be some good information behind there.

    Steve Polge mentioned somewhere that the test maps had been removed due to some bugs and maybe size concerns. Perhaps they'll restore them later or make them available for download.


      Would be sweet if they put them in a seperate package for us to play with (those who wish's it)


        Yes, that sounds like a great idea.


          There's a comparison thread Personally I preferred FMOD with software mixer over OpenAL.


            I wonder if they made the changes after the issues of OpenAL/Vista drivers, or if there was a push from Microsoft to go in the direction of XAudio2. Either way I don't see any direct advantage from it.

            I would love to see Unreal implemented with FMOD. Too bad we aren't able to implement a third-party audio engine into the UDK. Without access to the source code I don't think its going to happen. I would be interested in getting some directional cones going inside of Unreal. As far as I know all audio in the engine radiates equally in a sphere.