i don't completely understand the process of how to make game assets? i believe they are called. i have decent photoshop and unrealed skill and could probably find a tutorial for anything with blender.

i just don't get how the whole process of making a texture in photoshop, applying it in blender to a 3d person/vehicle/object, and the bringing it into unrealEd/udk. i really just need a simple example so i uderstand what i am trying to do and i can probably teach myself the more complex stuff.

if that was confusing i will put it into simple question format.

1. How do u make a texture that will apply itself to an object in 3dsmax or blender?

2. is there a way to go directly from photoshop to unrealEd?

3. how do u go from 3dsmax/blender to unrealEd?

i feel that once i get the basic idea i will have a much better understanding of what i am trying to do in each program.

thanks for the help and sorry if this was confusing.