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Will the UDK run on Windows 7?

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    uh.. what?
    everything is working fine for many many people who are using Win 7 x64


      Originally posted by Blade[UG] View Post
      uh.. what?
      everything is working fine for many many people who are using Win 7 x64
      Well the question the OP asks is "will it work on Windows 7". My answer to that question is "windows 7 itself does not seem to preclude you from using the UDK, but several people have problems, and I am one of them".

      "It works for a lot of people" does not answer wether it will work for this particular individual, but Windows 7 is not going to make it not work in and of itself. Having a current-generation graphics card with up-to-date drivers might, as seems to be the case for me; the content browser is unusable for me due to a redraw problem causing everything to be hidden under layer upon layer of tooltips, thus making it impossible for me to see what I might have selected or what is there to select FROM. I see at least one person in this thread and several in others mentioning that disabling windows update so as to not recieve updates is a necessity for THEM, lest the UDK stops functioning. These are, to my mind, signs of a dire need of an update, because no matter how many people say "install antiquated graphics drivers" it still doesn't become a viable option for me to disable a host of other things I need to use for something I just really WANT to be able to use.


        you could use the old generic browser, there is a command line switch to swap it in for the current content browser, i think. otoh, i always keep all my drivers up to date every month, and have no problems with either old ATI hardware, or modern NVidia hardware .. so unless it's modern ATI hardware, i dont' think it's directly the video drivers fault. and judging from the number of people using modern ATI hardware, I doubt that too.. but I could be wrong.


          Originally posted by DuneCat View Post
          The help page on dll bindings should probably be updated then, since it is stated there that a 64-bit version of UDK isn't available:

          Thats because a 64 bit version of UDK doesn't exist yet. Though we're all hoping for it.


            Well Wray im doing the exact thing you are, today I just installed Window 7 on to my MacBook Pro. BTW if you want to run window and OS X side/side you also need an additional program called parallels. but unfortunately I was not able to run UDK. I dont know what the deal with that is, UDK does not like me

            Model Name: MacBook Pro
            Model Identifier: MacBookPro6,2
            Processor Name: Intel Core i5
            Processor Speed: 2.4 GHz
            Number Of Processors: 1
            Total Number Of Cores: 2
            L2 Cache (per core): 256 KB
            L3 Cache: 3 MB
            Memory: 8 GB
            Chipset Model: NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M
            and im running 64bitv. of windows 7

            If anyone can help me please respond to my e-mail


              UDK on 13" Macbook Pro?

              Is anyone getting UDK to run in Win 7 on the 13" Macbook Pro?

              I got everything to work on the 15" Macbook Pro under XP, but UDK won't launch. I know others have got this to work with XP, but I need to get this for Win 7.