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    System requirements

    Hi there,

    I'm totally new to Unreal technology, though not new to game development.

    I know the minimum system requirements to run the UDK are shown on a page on However, as of personal experience, it is often possible to run games with less, even though it will not perform that well.

    So basically my question is, will I be able to do anything with the following (rather old) setup:
    2GHZ CPU
    1GM RAM
    ATI Mobility Radeon X700 (128 MB) only supports Shader Model 2. (I know they say it needs to support SM3, but hey, who knows. Maybe it will work)

    I'm asking because currently I do not have access to a high bandwith and thus I don't want to download the whole thing just to discover it won't even load.

    Maybe someone has some experience with an older Laptop.

    Anyway, I'm planning to get a new one in a few months, but if it does work, it would allow me to already try this fantastic piece of technology.

    If it helps: Because of those hardware limitations, I'm not planning on doing some graphics intense stuff. I just would like to play around with it. So what to question basically boils down to is:
    Will the UDK run/start on my system or should I just forget about it?

    Thanks in advance for any help you could give me.

    With those specs I wouldn't get my hopes up, specially considering it's a laptop.


      I'm afraid the Editor is only tested with SM3. The game itself should work with SM2. You will have to make some .ini tweaks to get decent performance out of the system you describe.


        Ok. Thanks for the answers.
        Now I got a friend of mine downloading the thing and bring it at my place on a USB stick. Installed it.
        The Editor did start although it complained about me having only an SM2 card. However, I could continue loading it.

        From a tutorial I found on the UDN, I quickly created a cube room and hit the "Build Geometry" button. I got an error about Lighting calculations having failed. I then found a button called something light "Calculate light" (or similar). Running this would tell me that "Lightmass" required SM3. There is also a checkbox labelled Lightmass which I disabled. However, I still got the same message. So I guess that the calculations for baking the lights need SM3? Or is there some way around this?


          Make sure to play with config files (there's a topic about "hidden" options being turned off/on somewhere around this board), turning everything low and down as much as possible could help. I got fps boost on my lappie by simple resolution reduce.


            ((Wrote the thread mentioned above)) Not hidden... just currently disabled features that could otherwise increase eye-candy, especially for screenshots.


              I have a radeon 9250 and it doesn't work, could anyone plz help me?


                Yeah I'm pretty sure that doesn't even play UT3...


                  yes it does play ut3. i have

                  i have a dell dimension 4700
                  2.8ghz 2 cpus
                  1 gb ram
                  geforce 8400 gs

                  runs ut3 at lowest settings(except screen res 1024*768) at a good 25 fps except on some maps goes down to 15 sometimes. its doable.

                  i have made maps with the editor too so will i be able to run this???????????????