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Idea for a tutorial / how to I'd like to see

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    Idea for a tutorial / how to I'd like to see

    Basically I would like to see a how to for a game like this:

    - a selft contained game (duh) with two levels
    - each level is a small room or a similar trivial level
    - there are two simple objects, like a hovering balls or bouncing balls
    - they can shoot at each other
    - one is palyer1, other is player2 or CPU controlled
    - there is a score that gets propagated between levels (level 2 can be triggered when frag is == 10 on level 1 for example)
    - there is a menu screen and a custom splash screen at the start of the game
    - there is a screen with graphics between levels

    This would show how to go about making a complete game with following knowledge that can be learned:

    - from start to finish with folder structures etc.
    - art assets, basics of importing models and using UEditor
    - how to preserve data between levels (score)
    - how to make menus
    - how to make a simple AI (CPU controlled player2)

    this is a basic premise, it can be added onto, of course - but this shouldn't take a lot of time for someone that knows how to do this, and to newcomers (like me! ) life would be a whole lot easier!

    just my 2c.

    It's not a bad idea by any means, but to say it shouldn't take a lot of time is underselling a little. Any good tutorial takes time, and one showing the creation of a complete working game is certainly no exception. With that said, who knows...I'm sure someone will produce something like this.


      I am truly sorry - I did not mean to be disrespectful by any means I was just trying to make a time effort in contrast to a full blown all bells and whistles tutorial.