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How do you "clean up" your project for publishing? (and 2 other qs)

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    How do you "clean up" your project for publishing? (and 2 other qs)

    Hi guys,

    This has been one of the greatest moves in a long time for indie game devs.
    I used the Unreal Engine Runtime before, which was a similar approach to develop realtime stuff in Unreal, but the UDK offers a whole new universe!

    So new that I'm a bit lost when checking the UDK's folder/file structure. I was wondering, once you create your own stuff with your own assets, how do you "publish" your project in a nice and clean way? Which files must you include prior to running it on another machine?

    That said, I got a couple more questions:
    1. Which config file must you change to change video resolution to a higher one (like 1920x1080) and which line makes it full screen?
    2. Will there be a "tutorials" section in the forum? Or is the UDN the only source available? A "getting started" tutorial would help a lot; Probably the community could join efforts and start a wiki


    For the "publishing", check out this
    It's included in the UDK.

    I'd also like to hear the answers to your other questions though.


      For the resolution, you can set a default one in DefaultEngine.ini in UTGame/Config, just look for ResX and ResY, and look for Fullscreen in BaseEngine.ini in Engine/Config. Be sure to set these back to Read Only when you're done. After this, delete your UTEngine.ini file so the game can generate a new one.


        whoa! that was fast guys. Thanks a lot.
        Let's hope hope those tuts start rolling soon with all these hype

        regards, and thanks again.


        The ini mods work great! thx!