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    New to UDK

    Hi guys , this is my first time using a 3d game engine and i am very confused so if you can answer some of my questions it would be great .
    1.What's the difference between unreal engine 3 and Unreal development kit ?

    2.I read somewhere that to program a game with UDK you must learn unrealscript, but i also saw that UDK has a thing that is called kismet , which (correct me if i am wrong) is a type of click programing .
    So do i need to learn unreal script to make a simple game or i can do it with kismet?

    3.Are there any video tutorials about UDK ? or any tutorials for complete newbies ?

    4.How do i add a sky in a game ?


    1. The difference is more or less just down to what you mean with Unreal Engine 3. Unreal Development Kit is Unreal Engine 3 in binary form, ie no engine source code but all the tools.

    2. Depends on the complexity of the game. You can make quiet elaborate logic using Kismet.

    3. There is tons of tutorials on the net both from professionals and amateurs. At work so don't have time to dig up any links. There is a bunch of links on this forum already.

    4. A sky is simply a very large object covering the "sky" Usually this is a half sphere shaped object with some sky shader.