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    Udk - 360 xbla

    Dear Epic Games,

    Thx for releasing that UDK for modders and anyone else who could need it. However, there is a subject that I think might be a great perspective to take a look at: "making mods and games for X-Box Live Arcade and PSN".

    Actually, user-generated content appears to me like the true next gen era for consoles. That's something PC players are used to, but not on consoles. Microsoft doesn't seem to agree with the idea, but I think it's a golden opportunity for Epic Games to help creating a section for mods on the XBL Market Place or PSN.

    Someone will eventually have to make the move.
    • Upload your mods or games for free.
    • Download the mods or games available for free.
    • Rate the mods or games that you downloaded.

    Thx for your time and if you also feel it's a great idea, please post your comments.

    I get the feeling that this is likely an avenue that Epic are already trying to explore.

    Originally posted by Hyrage View Post
    Microsoft doesn't seem to agree with the idea
    XNA is what they want to push.


      Xna is for indi games. Xbla is for real commercial games like shadow complex so Microsoft shouldn’t have a problem there if you make a game as a company in order to sell it on xbla…


        XBLA is aimed clearly, and squarely at the indie market.

        If you want to publish to XBLA, you're still going to need a way to develop for it - and that's either going to be XNA, UE3 license and 360 dev kit, at the moment.