Hi, I have problems to assign morphs targets to a MorphNodeMultiPose, I need to set twice to work properly.

I have this test script:

exec function testmorphnode()
	local morphnodebase N;
	local morphnodemultiPose P;
	local int i;

	N = Mesh.FindMorphNode('multimorph');
	P = morphnodemultiPose(N);

	P.AddMorphTarget('morph_name', 1);
//	P.AddMorphTarget('morph_name', 1); //with this line works

//     List targets in the node

	for (i=0; i < P.Morphnames.length; i++) 
		`log("names"@i@P.Morphnames[i]@" - "@P.Weights[i]);
The first part assign the target, the second part list the content of the node. Doing a unique "addmorphtarget", the result is this:

names 0 morph_name - 0.0000

the target is added, but the weight is 0. It's incorrect.

doing twice the addmorph, the result is the correct:

names 0 morph_name - 1.0000

Seems to be neccesary some node update after adding targets. I have tried with forceskelupdate, but no result.

Works correctly using two addmorphtarget, but there is a way to do correctly, or is a bug?