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Tessellation (PNTriangles) + Alt Mesh Weights = Crash

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    Tessellation (PNTriangles) + Alt Mesh Weights = Crash

    I know it's most likely too late for this but as I heard a new UDK build is coming (iOS related stuff) I might as well try to report this.

    I'm using Alt Bone Weights for my mesh characters, as dismemberment is an important visual feature of my game.
    Now I want to try to support DirectX11 but as soon as I set my character shader to use PNTriangles tessellation, whenever I hover a mesh in the content browser that has Alt Bone Weights in them, the editor crashes.

    additional info:
    if I hover another mesh (with the same material) that doesn't have Alt Bone Weights in them it works properly.
    if I use the FlatTessellation mode it doesn't crash, for any of the meshes. but all I want to do is subdivide my models to make them smoother (not using any displacement)

    so is there a chance this might get fixed?