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UDK(Terrain Problems)

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    UDK(Terrain Problems)

    I set up a few terrains only about 3.
    for some reason when i go to add in a new terrain it will look like a terrain I already have in the game.
    Like I added in a Metallic terrain, grass terrain and a cloth terrain. but when i try to add another terrain like water it will look like the metallic terrain.
    When i went to delete the metallic terrain and re-add the water terrain it will look like the cloth terrain and the cloth will turn into the metallic terrain.
    What am I doing wrong?
    I'm currently looking at a tutorial and did everything he did but it just screwed up.
    I'm also missing some features that the person in the tutorial had even though I'm pretty sure I downloaded the latest version.
    Any help will be much appreciated thank you.

    No one know how to fix it?