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Character Lighting not working...

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    Character Lighting not working...

    Hi everyone im a nood that has trying to get a couple of things done in udk.... the first was a isometric camera wich i accomplished after reading and watching a couple of tuts. but now there is no lighting on my character... for now im using a default UT3 skeletal-mesh, i haven't gotten to making my own one yet. another thing that i have noticed is that the cam doesn't zoom when a mesh is in between the cam current location and the Skeletal-mesh. and i noticed that it looks like the guy is flying

    please help im really still new to all of this and any help will be appreciated

    PS any hint into the direction of a point and click system will also be much appreciated

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    here is my code, im using the unreal x editor

    class EmbrociaPawn extends Pawn;

    var float CamOffsetDistance; //distance to offset the camera from the player
    var int IsoCamAngle; //pitch angle of the camera
    var DynamicLightEnvironmentComponent LightEnvironment;

    simulated function bool CalcCamera( float fDeltaTime, out vector out_CamLoc, out rotator out_CamRot, out float out_FOV )
    out_CamLoc = Location;
    out_CamLoc.X -= Cos(IsoCamAngle * UnrRotToRad) * CamOffsetDistance;
    out_CamLoc.Z += Sin(IsoCamAngle * UnrRotToRad) * CamOffsetDistance;

    out_CamRot.Pitch = -1 * IsoCamAngle;
    out_CamRot.Yaw = 0;
    out_CamRot.Roll = 0;

    return true;

    simulated singular event Rotator GetBaseAimRotation()
    local rotator POVRot, tempRot;

    tempRot = Rotation;
    tempRot.Pitch = 0;
    POVRot = Rotation;
    POVRot.Pitch = 0;

    return POVRot;

    Begin Object Class=SkeletalMeshComponent Name=WPawnSkeletalMeshComponent

    //Mesh Properties
    SkeletalMesh=SkeletalMesh'CH_LIAM_Cathode.Mesh.SK_ CH_LIAM_Cathode'
    AnimTreeTemplate=AnimTree'CH_AnimHuman_Tree.AT_CH_ Human'
    PhysicsAsset=PhysicsAsset'CH_AnimCorrupt.Mesh.SK_C H_Corrupt_Male_Physics'
    AnimSets(0)=AnimSet'CH_AnimHuman.Anims.K_AnimHuman _BaseMale'

    End Object

    IsoCamAngle=8000 //Degree of offset in UDK Units

    here is my code, im using the unreal x editor
    Wotgreal it's much better, speed X2 pretty much. plus it's perfect for noob people if you wanna progress fast

    - Fast variable/function autocompletation after .
    - Perfect schematic view for Uscript
    - Functions like find working fine, go to line...

    I don't get what the problem is, is it the lighting ?

    The lighting as default, it's handled with a lightEnvironmentComponent.
    make sure your pawn has one.

    If you archetype your pawn you will probably see the light environment, you can tweak it's option there to see what are they doing.

    But as i said pretty much it looks like it's disabled on your game.


      what kind of lighting are you using in your level?


        i replaiced the light actor that i was using with the one in the content browser under actor classes, light classes then skylight which fixed that problem but nou there is no shadow on the guy........

        the first light i used was just by right click add actor light actor.Click image for larger version

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        anoter thing that has been bothering me is that i keep getting errors about UVs overlapping