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Bik TextureMovies too bright with DirectX 11?

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    Bik TextureMovies too bright with DirectX 11?

    I thought I was losing my mind, all these movie textures (bik files) I had in my map were working great and then one day, they were all blown out and too bright.

    I had no idea, why, and I tore my hair out for a good 15 minutes. Just look at the difference between these two files, the background is a bik file.

    Spot the difference? There's one more difference other than the blown out background...The good looking one is DirectX 9. The other is DirectX 11.

    Why would this happen using DirectX 11? If anyone knows please tell me, otherwise I'll be using DirectX 9 for the rest of this project.

    Dx 11 is used in UDK just for technology showcases, it's not usable.
    I've seen bugs and bugs....