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BSP seams problems

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    BSP seams problems

    Hello Epic forum community,

    I've started working on a new level, and I'm using more BSP brushes to build my large buildings (walls, floor etc). However I am encountering this problem, as illustrated in the image.
    I am aware that stairs are probably best used in the form of static meshes, however this example best shows my problem - the seams between the different faces.
    I have aligned all of the faces with the align planar wall tool (although this seam problem is invariant to different align types), and they all have the same texel density.
    The map has been built with production lighting, and changing the quality level produces no discernible effect.
    The lighting type illuminating this stair is a typical point light.

    Any ideas about how to eliminate these seams? (Hopefully the image is of good enough quality to illustrate my problem)


    Click image for larger version

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