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Can't set DefaultProperties in UnrealScript

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    Can't set DefaultProperties in UnrealScript


    I have a little Issue using UnrealScript and my UDK.

    Whenever I try to set default values for my variables in my script, they aren't set.


    if I have

    var int Integer;
    var bool Boolean;

    and I declare in my DefaultProperties of that class

    Integer = 4
    Boolean = true

    I get (after a successful compile without warnings) Integer = 0 and Boolean = false in my UDK-ActorProperties.
    This also happens if I try to assign Animations or Effects.

    I am using the UDK-2013-07 Build on a Windows 7 x64 system.

    Anyone got an idea or a solution for a similar problem?

    Also I'd first like to see if anyone knows something (after I didn't get results with google) so Tr-Install will be my last resort.

    Thanks for any replay.

    It should be fine - post some example code up here otherwise it's impossible to diagnose your problem.

    I suspect you've deviated from the expected Unrealscript format / style and getting stung by the compiler.