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[UDK-2014-Feb] iOS Movie playback is broken

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    [UDK-2014-Feb] iOS Movie playback is broken


    I've only just realised that my previously working (July 2013) intro movie sequence isn't being displayed now with the Feb 2014 build.
    Only the "Startup.m4V" file is played which exits early when loading is complete. My own movie file is no longer played at all.

    Has something changed with how movie files are handled or specified in the INI section?

    I've copied over the same setup in the INI file from my previously working build & the .mv4 file I want to use is in the built .ipa file.



    Previously I was using:

    event OnEngineHasLoaded()
    	// Stops the 28 second UDK startup movie once the engine has loaded (on iOS this is always much faster than 28 secs)
    to stop the Startup movie from playing the entire 28secs worth when it doesn't have to.
    It would then go on and play my movie in full before entering the main menu.

    In the FEB 2014 build, this is stopping my movie from playing as well.
    Commenting out the code above plays the Startup movie for 28 secs, then plays my movie in full.

    Is there a better way to handle early exit of the Startup movie?


      I havent tried Feb yet, but the way I do my startup loading in July 13 is:

      And Startup.m4v edited to be 6 sec long (transitions from the Unreal Engine logo to my placeholder logo). Actually UE3_Logo movie isn't even there so those lines probably don't do anything (I just read somewhere you needed an even amount of lines or something).

      I didn't really know what I was doing but it seems to work well enough - it shows the movie for 6 sec then goes to the "Logo_Placeholder" image while loading all my startup stuff (which is a while, but I think it's legit as I'm loading a lot of shaders).


        Thanks for the reply ...

        I'd thought of editing the startup movie - but the license agreement seems to be fairly clear about not messing with it/changing it.
        If someone "official" can verify it's ok to make it stop looping earlier by shortening the FMV I'd be happy to do that.

        What is "SplashTime_Startup" ?? It's not in any of my INI files.
        When I mucked about with the other splashtime values they didn't do anything.

        In my review sessions, one of the first things mentioned is "UDK video is too long/boring"


          In the old FAQ's, epic said that on mobile you are only required to show the splash screen (movie were required on pc). Now however, they only link to a page that doesn't really tell you what to use.


            Yea I'm not sure actually, was going to worry about it closer to release. I thought I remembered reading you just have to keep the "powered by unreal engine" part & not the UDK stuff. In any case, I get the impression Epic would be happy to cut a deal if it's a big issue and you were able to contact them.


              What is "SplashTime_Startup" ?? It's not in any of my INI files.
              When I mucked about with the other splashtime values they didn't do anything.
              Yea I'm not certain they're doing anything either, I found SplashTime_Startup somewhere... not sure if it was an old build or a forum post or what, I just know I got to a point where it worked ok for me so I was like "ok don't touch it any more"

              Also note, it seems to play the startup movie over and over in Release while loading, but in Shipping it plays it once then goes to the load image.

              I guess you're pretty careful with INIs but its worth mentioning: make sure the values you're entering are actually ending up in the final cooked INI and not getting overridden by another ini somewhere. The confusing INI tree has screwed me over a few times.


                Not sure if you have solved this but my movies are working fine in the Feb 2014 build. Below is taken from my iPhoneEngine.ini file, it took me a while to understand what's going on but after searching through the UDK documentation and finding its hidden areas, I was able to get movies working nicely.

                if you want your startup skippable, obviously uncomment the SkippableMovies=Startup.

                Startup is already being played by the engine and I have seen a few other posts showing people playing it under startup movies.

                For those who are unaware, Startup.m4v gets played automatically, then you can have as many "StartupMovies=" as you like, but take note that the last one in the list will be a looping video if the game has yet to load your start map.
                In my case, Startup.m4v plays and is unskippable, then if my menu has yet to load, "Load 1.m4v" will play and loop till the menu is ready.
                Once my menu is loaded and ready, "+SkippableMovies=Load 1" allows the engine to automatically stop playing the Load 1 movie before it reaches the end and takes the player to the menu.

                +SkippableMovies=Load 1
                +StartupMovies=Load 1
                +LoadMapMovies=Load 1
                +LoadMapMovies=Load 2
                +LoadMapMovies=Load 3
                +LoadMapMovies=Load 4
                +LoadMapMovies=Load 5
                +LoadMapMovies=Load 6
                +LoadMapMovies=Load 7
                +LoadMapMovies=Load 8
                +LoadMapMovies=Load 9
                +LoadMapMovies=Load 10
                +LoadMapMovies=Load 11
                +LoadMapMovies=Load 12
                +LoadMapMovies=Load 13
                +LoadMapMovies=Load 14
                +LoadMapMovies=Load 15
                +LoadMapMovies=Load 16
                +LoadMapMovies=Load 17
                +LoadMapMovies=Load 18
                +LoadMapMovies=Load 19
                +LoadMapMovies=Load 20
                Hope this works for you guys as well!