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Ragdoll washing line effect in 1 area of 1 map

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    Ragdoll washing line effect in 1 area of 1 map

    i5-2599, 3.3ghz 4gb ram, Win7 32bit, Nvidia GTX 560 Ti UDK Version:10907, Changelist: 1715227 using DX9

    And while I'm in the issues section

    First off my ragdolls are working fine in other maps and most of the problem map. The problem map was 'I' shaped and I extended it to an 'L' shape. The new 'L' piece is where the ragdoll problem happens. Kill a bot and its ragdoll flies in the air halting along an invisible line, so there's a washing line effect of mashed ragdolls jiggling around. But move along the L to the intersection with the I (and also everywhere else on the I) everything's normal, ragdolls just fall down as they're supposed to just like my other maps.

    I've rebuilt that map several times, replaced the meshes of the L shape, changed the collison, used only UDK collision boxes, no change. The line where the ragdolls halt jiggling seems arbitrary, or random (but of course there's a sneaky reason somewhere hiding!). The lightmassImportanceVolume is roughly parallel to the arbitrary line and I've replaced that, and fiddled around changing and replacing. Nothing I've done makes any difference.

    The workaround is begin a new map, place the meshes again as before which I've done and so far no problems.

    But that sneaky bug is still out there somewhere!