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Intro movie loading time issue.

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    Intro movie loading time issue.

    Hello everyone.

    I ran into an issue (on my project and on a few others) and just wanted to see who else has encountered this, and also wanted to share a solution with you.

    The issue is mainly the loading time of the UDK movie on mobile devices. I created a solar system project and both my Ipad3 and iPad2 took the same amount of time to load the game. This was odd to me considering the Ipad3 is considerably faster, so I did a test.

    Timing both of them, I found that the UDK logo played for roughly 28 seconds on both my devices. When I looked at the UDK movie file itself on my computer, the times matched up. I looked online for a solution but couldn't find one, so I went hunting. I found a section that talks about changing to movies and what's legal to have on UDK (gotta show their logo), but someone wrote that you can simply delete the movie files and a UDK logo will be used instead, so I did just that.

    The loading time on my Ipad3 went from about 28 seconds when playing the video, down to roughly 12 seconds when just using the image. It was about 10 seconds faster on the Ipad2 as well.

    Using the images rather than the video greatly increases the loading time. Now, there are two textures that are used. The first is of course UDK, and the second is there to be your own. There is no transition between these two images, so if you don't have an image to use, simply save the UDK logo over the second image and the UDK logo will just stay on the screen longer.

    I have already contacted the Epic team about this, but I'll be sending an E-mail linking to this forum post, so if anyone else is having the same issue please post here so they can keep track of how common this issue might be.