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Kismet - Sequences with External Variables...

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    Kismet - Sequences with External Variables...

    UDK Build 10897 (Feb2013)

    I've got a bunch of sequences with external variables so that different sequences can share variables. This all works 100% correctly. The problem is that sometimes, when I make new events or copy existing ones to make new ones, the sequence gets broken. The links break and the connectors move into a different order.

    I haven't been able to pin down specifics accept that it possibly seems to do with copying existing nodes. The thing is it might also happen by creating new nodes from scratch, I really don't know. Also, not all sequences will get broken, just some of them. Sometimes it's worse than other times, meaning more nodes from a sequence is broken or more sequences are affected. I have a theory that only sequences that use similar nodes that I try and copy or make, are getting broken, but I don't really know.

    For this post I have tried specifically to recreate the problem in steps as an example, and I just couldn't.

    One thing that I know causes links to break from sequences is if I copy an external variable object within a sequence. So there's two then, and if I delete the copy, the old link is broken since the copy is in fact now the old one. I know this is how copies work and if I do this by mistake, I know it'll be a broken link that I need to fix. But this is not the problem I'm having. The problem I'm having happens regardless of copying external variables. It happens from working within that sequence or outside of it, it does not matter.

    As an example of what it looks like...

    Here's the "working" one...

    Here's the "broken" one...

    So, to fix this is easy enough after it gets broken. I can Ctrl Drag the connectors back to the right spot and re-link the objects. But this is not very efficient. It happens many times and if I spend a day in Kismet on this it can happen 10 times or more, so it becomes a problem very fast.
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    I seem to be experiencing a similar problem with sub-sequences that use external variables.