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Spline roads issue

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    Issue is fixed on my own

    Found the issue as it was a setting on the static mesh

    By trial and error I changed mesh texture quality and also ticked use maximum streaming texel ratio

    I'm not too sure which actually worked but it is now all good

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  • started a topic Spline roads issue

    Spline roads issue

    I've made spline roads and added an already available static mesh that was a part of my udk install.

    In the editor the static mesh works perfectly and plays in the pane view fine but if I select to run it on pc in the play pulldown the static mesh is still there but now blank texture

    I decided to compile the level and see if it did the same and it did, the shape of the mesh is there but the texture is gone

    I've passed this onto my college tutor, sent my files to him and it worked perfectly fine on his udk install.

    Any idea??