i have encounter a problem during integrating perforce with the game editor.

Here is the steps i did.
1. Set below command in DefaultEditorUserSettings.ini

2. Delete all our own MyGame*.ini
3. Launcher the editor
--> MyGame.exe editor

There is nothing happens when opening the editor. no login screen show up, no crash and no game window hang.
I have tried to click the "Not Connected to Source Control (Click to attempt connection!)" button that sits on the bottom of the main window. Nothing happens.
also even tried to set the portname, username and clienspecname in DefaultEditorUserSettings.ini. It doesn't work.

The script/code part is work fine with perforce (same server with editor).
environment: windows 7, UDK-2012-10 (not sure, anyone know how to get the correct version info since we don't have a parent folder named UDK-xxxx-xx)

Any suggestions are hugely welcome!