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FBX Import Problems with Materials

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    FBX Import Problems with Materials

    So I'm trying to import an object into UDK from Maya that has a lot of materials attached to it. I exported the model shown below as one FBX file with "embed media" and "smoothing groups" checked off (all the usual things), as well as having each texture saved as a .png file in each material. The only problem is that most of the textures don't import, or are not linked with the material that is created from the FBX file in UDK. The material will be there, but instead of the texture attached to the diffuse channel, its just a parameter node.

    Each material consists of a diffuse channel with a picture attached to it. UDK has imported each material from the Maya scene just fine, but fails to import and attach the diffuse texture for many of them. The materials that have the diffuse texture attached have 40 instructions, while the ones with the color parameter as the diffuse channel (which was created by default, I'm guessing) only have 39. So I'm wondering why UDK is failing to import all of these textures, even though they are all PNG files and show up in maya.

    Click image for larger version

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    Do those textures has a size that you can use in UDK? (e.g 512x512)


      Most of the textures don't fit the square ratio, and UDK mentions that it can't stream them properly but that's fine with me. Two of the textures that actually show up on the model are even not power of two textures.