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UDK will not start at all! Please Help!

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    UDK will not start at all! Please Help!

    Hello everyone,

    I've been having this weird issue that only started happening recently. When I double-click on the UDK Editor shortcut to start up UDK it just quickly loads into my processes and then immediately shuts down the UDK.exe process thread. I do not even get a load screen to show that UDK is loading its assets. I was wondering if anyone on the forums has experienced this same issue. I'm currently working on a project for my class and I desperately need UDK to work properly. I've tried uninstalling UDK completely, restarting my computer after, and then reinstalling UDK from scratch to only experience the same issue. I've even went as far as to create another user profile and reinstall UDK on there with the same results. I really hope someone out there can help.

    My specs:
    Windows 7 Pro x64
    16GB DDR3 memory
    i7-2630K 2nd gen Sandy Bridge
    Nvidia 560M video card

    Thanks so much in advance!!

    Just in case anyone thinks about it. The UDK installer has completed its install process with no errors each time I reinstalled UDK.


      Which build are you using? I hear the February build isnt very stable... I have switched to November build.. It seems to help but not very much... If its installing without a glitch I would assume the installation is fine but something wrong with the compatibility... I am not a programmer so these are just things I would consider... I hope this helps...

      P.S.: Is your antivirus/firewall the culprit? Switching off the process as soon as it starts...


        1. try to reinstall it
        2. open it as a admin
        3. read this thread:!