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iOS Application Crash 2013-02 UDK Build - Windows 8 (64bit)

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    iOS Application Crash 2013-02 UDK Build - Windows 8 (64bit)

    Hey all!

    So I am trying to install a sample .udk map on my iPad mini/iPhone 4 via "Install on iOS" button in UDK. It gives me an error:

    Running CookerSync UDKGame -p IPhone -nd...
    Warning: Using default tag set: ConsoleSync
    Error: Could not load target platform 'IPhone'
    Error: Platform 'IPhone' is not a valid platform!
    Program exited with return code 1

    I tried to use Unreal Frontend to deploy the .udk map to either of the iOS devices and it was successful. However when I launch the application on the iOS device it crashes right after the UDK animated logo startup screen on both the devices.

    Please help. I am unable to understand what's wrong. I have re-installed UDK million times. I am using Alienware m14x with 12GB RAM and enough HDD.

    Thank you.