The most amazing experience better yet one of the amazing experience since first release 2009.

I have all my packages @ C:\UDK\UDK-2013-02\UDKGame\Content\Unreal.....\Maps\UD_.......udk
Installed UDKInstall-2013-02-BETA with all the levels working fine;then I get to the level to re-build light and @ 45 of 45;it will crash.I didn't think that was a big deal;so I tried again and again with the same results. I decided to backup my entire project directory, re-installed fresh UDK;reload all my files as usual. Not sure why UDK will claim all my directory packages has been saved with engine version newer than current and therefore won't be possible to save. CurrEngineVersion: 10897 VersionSavedWith: 10900;now Version: 10897 was the same version prior to to re-installing. What's up with that picture?. After hours of trying to figure out what's the problem.

I decided to re-download the latest version and re-install over the initial latest version(Feb 2013). Well, that get rid of all the warnings;why?; I am not sure at this point.strange enough the warnings went away and I can go back working on my project. All I know for sure is, at one point of the(warnings) madness UDK-2013-02 (under help and about says:= V 10897 not V10900
After the re-install OVER UDK-2013-02 (under help and about = V 10900. At any rate it's working fin e again. Let's leave it at that for now; thanks guys for reading the thread.