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Bot won't move

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    Bot won't move

    Hi all,

    Hope I'm not reposting, search did not turn up anything that solved the problem.

    I am trying to make a dota style game and I have problems on getting the creeps to move (got them to spawn). I am using bots as creeps.

    The problem seems to be in the Move To Actor. Tried on a blank map and the bot moves from A to B but if I add C (from B to C) nothing works! If I move B further away from the spawn point (A), it also brakes. I'm using the "cinematic" and "top-down game" tutorials from 3dbuzz as reference...he's bot moves but braindead.

    Ty for your time.

    take a look at the MOBA Starterkit for a dota style game

    in general MoveToActor isnt a good solution for pathfinding

    take a look at this



      I replaced the bots with the creep factory and creep route. But these seem to have problems, when a creep meets the opposing one, after killing that, it freezes in place. Also dosen't go on the entire route it stops on a random flag Any help on this?