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Stuck at "Exporting to local cache"

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    Stuck at "Exporting to local cache"

    Hello. I just downloaded UDK and opened the default "Morning light template". So its just a cube on a ground plane. My problem is that when i press "Build All" it doesnt build. I opened swarm agent window and there the grey progress bar saying "Exporting to local cache" and its stuck there for 8min now. I dont think thats normal so please help if you can. By the way i am completely new to UDK

    EDIT: I managed to find out the problem. The firewall was preventing UDK from connecting to the internet so i enabled it now and it workd...
    Is there a way to use UDK without internet connection? or can i buld all just when on internet connection?

    i do it regularly at work (no net) just have the firewall open for swarm