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    Swarm Setup Help/Troubleshooting


    I have been trying to get swarm setup for a while now and I can't seem to get it working. I have followed this tutorial: but it's still not working.

    I have the same version of the UDK on both machines. Both machines are running win 7. I have coordinator (as well as agent) running on a seperate machine (Render) from my main dev machine (Dev). Coordinator can see both Render and Dev. When I build the lighting on Dev machine it does not distribute to Render. When I look at the coordinator on Render it says that Dev is working for Dev and that Render is available, unassigned.

    I am just trying to get this up and running between these two machines while i'm waiting on parts for my other machine.

    I also noticed that whe I start up UDK on Render and have it render the light, Dev shows up in the swarm agent but it does not contribute.

    After poking around for a while I thought that DirectX might be my problem. My dev machine is running 2 GTX580's (SLI) (DirectX 11 support) and Render is running some onboard card with only DirectX 9 support. I switched my UDK to use DirectX 9 but that didn't help either. Is this even a real concern? I would imagine it is but I'm not entirely sure of all the details on how this works.

    Also, I have turned windows firewall off on both machines, they can see each other on the network (I remote into Render from Dev to use it), running coordinator on Dev instead of Render doesn't change anything, I am using IP addresses (yes, they are static) for CoordinatorRemotingHost, and my settings are exactly the same as in the tutorial posted above (with the exception of the IP address in CoordinatorRemotingHost).

    Any ideas or suggestions on how I can fix this? I have a couple more machines that (once I get them up and running) I would like to add to this but as of now I can't get this thing working.

    Also, any tips on performance and setting things up for people that are outside my local network?

    I noticed I seem to be getting SQL server errors in my log... but SQL server didn't install with the UDK when I installed on my "server". Do I need SQL server as well?