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Problem with Landscape Heightmap Face Align

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    Problem with Landscape Heightmap Face Align

    Hey everybody,

    I've been struggling with this problem for some time and i cannot figure out how to solve it.
    Check out the images to get a basic idea of what I'm trying to deal with:

    What I've figured out so far:

    - in a regular pattern ( => red marks) the quads of the LandscapeMesh are facing perfectly upwards instead of aligning correctly with the "heightmap-input" (compare it to the foliage, wich is hiding partly in the terrain)

    - this occurs either by importing a heightmap or creating a Landscape from the scratch (in both cases paying attention to the recommended scales/formats)

    - smoothing is no solution, as this pattern ist still visible until you would "smooth it down to flat"^^

    - but still, some kind of collision seems to be more properly fitting the heightmap, as on the one hand the foliage (dense grass) is aligning to the latter and on the other hand testing the map (either in ViewPort/onPC) would sometimes lead to glitches (see/walk-through) next to very steep faces (no image)

    - Well, I'm working on a Notebook wich was designed for business application rather than game application, nonetheless it worked quite well until I installed the latest version of UDK.

    - I cannot deny with certainty that the very same effect also occured on other maps before but just within the first seconds after starting the map (either in ViewPort/onPC, but never in the editor itself)
    => Maybe some rendering issue ?

    That's all, basically...
    I tried to present all the information as precisely as possible, so that you would hopefully get a quick overview of the essentials of that issue...
    It would be great if someone might have an idea how to solve this bug ?!

    Thanks a lot !