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UDK wrong ShadowDepth with NVIDIA's 3D Vision

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    UDK wrong ShadowDepth with NVIDIA's 3D Vision

    I am a free time gamedev and Stereo 3D enthusiast and I noticed that something is wrong with the shadow depth in my realtime unified shadowed UDK scenes when running them in S3D with NVIDIA's 3d Vision mode.

    Here is an example of the issue taken ingame:

    As you can hopefully clearly see the shadows are at the wrong depth. The issues/wrong depths increase the more the convergence deviates from the default values.

    I am aware that the latest version of the UDK ships with "RealD" support but I enjoy having full control over things like convergence with 3D Vision.

    I thought maybe someone here might have a clue about how to fix it since I would love to be able to release my projects "3D Vision Ready" and since many guys are using the UDK to make games I guess the whole community would benefit by having their UDK devkits fully compatible with Nvidia's 3D Vision...