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    On May UDK the console command “mobile about XXX” used to bring up the safari application and open the XXX web on there.

    On the following versions, that behavior was altered a bit. It seems that now that command tries to start opening the web and IF it connects and start loading, then it brings safari up.

    That latest behavior introduces a set of issues. Now there is a lag between clicking on the button that fires the command and the time the browser gets displayed, especially when connected to a slow Wi-Fi.

    So that if a player clicks one of my banners in the game, it looks like nothing happens, the game continues and suddenly 15-30 seconds later it open the web. That’s annoying!

    Another problem is that if the web is not found or you are not connected to internet, then nothing happens at all! And there is no way to know the browser was not displayed.

    Even if you are not online, it could be great if the browser could be opened with the URL I set so that the player could see the URL, grab it for later, etc.
    Sometimes my URL has the “mailto:x@x” syntax instead of “http://xxx” so that it open the email app instead safari, but now it never opens the email application.

    Finally, the most annoying issue is that on the latest UDK even if you are connected to the internet, some webs just don’t load at ALL! Example:

    After lot of trying, seeing that the only webs that load are the one that do some kind of redirecting, I entered and for each my URLs I created redirection links and use them.

    So that instead of “mobile about”
    I’m using “mobile about” which redirects and works!

    That solved the problem, but is annoying having to do that for every web I need to be opened!

    Is there any work around this?
    Is it possible to use the HTTPRequest class to open safari directly?

    Opening the web for cross promoting your other games is a crucial feature for marketing!!
    Please EPIC it will help a lot if this gets finally fixed or at least to get a way around it!

    Login your awesome! Very clever work around to get mobile about command to work! I defiantly agree that “Opening the web for cross promoting your other games is a crucial feature for marketing” is important feature and extremely happy that you found a work around.