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Posting Problem (might have put this in the wrong forum)

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    Posting Problem (might have put this in the wrong forum)


    Sorry if I've put this in the wrong forum.

    When pasting text into the forum I'm getting spaces added in the middle of words sometimes? 3 times I've seen this in the past few days. If you look at the last post I've put on the thread link below as an example, it's got a space in the third line from the bottom 'AwesomeGame.AwesomeGame' and if I copy it off the thread and paste it elsewhere it has the space. Yet it wasn't there when I put it in the first time and when I edit the thread and remove the space, I save it......the space is still there?

    I've seen this happen to a few other users aswell when they've put code up and I can see dodgy spaces in the code, quite a few people when I've pointed the space out have been confused because the space wasn't there when they posted it originally and isn't in their code when they look at their source.

    Not really a major issue just a bit annoying if you're pasting up code directly and some poor person copies it directly with dodgy spaces included.

    Has anyone else noticed this or am I going mental?

    here is what it looks like if I open the post for editing, I havn't removed the space manually on this screenshot that is exactly how it comes up straight after hitting 'edit post'


    sorry that screenshot is awful