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Apex Clothing not updating on SetSkeletalMesh

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    Apex Clothing not updating on SetSkeletalMesh

    Hi All,

    Not sure if this is a problem or not, but I noticed this while testing out Apex Clothing on a modular mesh. I have a number of outfits, all with Apex Clothing applied to them, I have imported them, tested them on a standalone modular pawn in a level and all is working good. The problem arises when I try to apply the SkeletalMesh to a SkeletalMeshComponent that had a previous non Apex SkeletalMesh.

    In SkeletalMeshComponent there is a pointer variable called ApexClothing. When a non Apex SkeletalMesh is set this variable is 0. When I use SetSkeletalMesh to set my Apex SkeletalMesh this variable does not change and therefore I do not get any cloth interactions. I have managed to work around this by detaching and deleting the old Component and creating a new one and setting it to the Apex SkeletalMesh, this will update the ApexClothing variable and I will get cloth interaction.

    Also checking the SkeletalMesh will show that there are infact items in the ApexClothingAsset array

    Am I missing something here? Do I need to Init something somewhere when changing the mesh via SetSkeletalMesh? I have tried the following already:

    - InitRBPhys( );
    - ForceApexClothingTeleportAndReset( );
    - ForceApexClothingTeleport( );
    - Detaching the component, changing the mesh and reattaching the component.
    - ForceUpdate( False );

    Its not a big deal since I do have a work around, I would just rather not have to create new components all the time.

    Let me know if you need more information or if I was not clear enough.

    if anyone has this issue: