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Unreal Matinee Camera Track Issue

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  • Unreal Matinee Camera Track Issue

    So, I have a cinematic camera track for my new level I've been working on. and I've been building the Camera track for about 3 hours and suddenly when I save my level... the entire spline rotated...
    Like this...

    Those green keyframe splines used to go through out the hallways, and now they're all still in the same position at least.. But they're rotated all goofy and now when I preview It's just all effed up :/
    Does anyone know how or why this would happen? and If so, how to fix it or rotate the spline as a whole back to the way it was ?
    It's killing me and I don't want to have to redo the cinematic crap :/

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    Did you build paths before you saved? It was getting messed up for me too before i started to build paths after every change i make to the spline.