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Glitch/character reset to lvl 1

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    Glitch/character reset to lvl 1

    I must say that I am deeply, deeply disappointed with The Gears of War 3 support I recently received. The issue was that, after the game completely froze up and stayed that way; which meant the console had to be turned off and restarted, logging back into the online live game showed all character and stats had been reset to level 1. Now, this was not a case of playing the game offline and then switching to live play, resulting in Xbox live not recognizing the level and resetting it. (A known issue according to support forums)
    Resulting efforts to obtain some sort of technical support led to being directed to Xbox live support, which led to being directed back to Epic Games, which led to being directed BACK to Xbox live. Which really, really began to frustrate and anger me. The end result of being given a number to call for support from Epic led to, I kid you not, a recorded message that directed all technical support questions be directed at the game publisher, Microsoft.
    I waited a day for my temper to cool off, then started again. This time, I got an Xbox live support agent who was willing to do more than just stick to the script of "You have to contact Epic Games for that". I explained very thoroughly and in depth what had happened. Apparently, this is an issue that has been going on for quite some time. He was willing to do the research and call me back.
    The call back was not happy news. The character that had been played all the way into the very last re-up and at level 37 (level 337) was doomed to be level 1 again. Every unlock and achievement, INCLUDING the event based unlocks and achievements were lost. Why?
    Well, we all have the cheaters to thank for a MOD that was installed into the game that, like most computers, is kind of on the dumb side. This MOD reads when you leave a match early and if you do it "too many" times, will reset your character and ALL of your unlocks and achievements to level 1. Which means, you are basically at a level of you just got the game and are playing it for the very first time, ever.
    Of course, this MOD does not distinguish between leaving on purpose or you are dropping out of a match due to that pesky little glitch where the game freezes completely and to get out of said freeze, you have to turn off your console and restart the game. This is a known issue that HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE XBOX 360 CONSOLE and everything to do with the Gears of War 3 (And gears of war 2) game having a "glitch" somewhere in its coding.
    Now, apparently, there was a warning that the MOD was present in the Gears of War 3 game. I've tried to find said warning and couldn't, so maybe I need more coffee, but I highly doubt it.
    I feel very strongly that being punished for something that was beyond my control is highly disgusting and grossly unfair. Installing a MOD that wipes all character leveling, achievements and unlocks across the board without taking into account that there is a serious glitch in the game programming that could trigger the MOD is seriously irresponsible and LAZY!
    And before Epic Games says to me “You don’t understand programming!” let me tell you, that, yes, I do. I’ve done it. It annoys the hell out of me BECAUSE the common practice is to assign different parts to several programmers and if the deadline is looming, why then, corners get cut instead of making sure even the smallest errors are fixed, and off the “finished” product goes. I got tired of seeing my hard work go into what I considered below standard end products and quit doing it.
    So, this MOD was the result of someone being LAZY, IRRESPONSIBLE and ONLY CONCERNED ABOUT PROFIT!
    I’m extremely and deeply disappointed. To the point I do not want to play Gears of War 3 ever again. What’s the point? The glitch will continue to freeze my game and, after enough times of this, the MOD is going to reset me back to level 1 and wipe any and all achievements and unlocks I re-obtain. Also, I will never be able to re-obtain the special event unlocks and achievements, so again, what is the point? I am also convinced that now, I will be highly and passionately recommending to everyone I know to AVOID not only Gears of War 3, but ANY Epic Game like the plague based on the facts of my recent customer service and technical support experiences.
    And my gaming friends take my opinions VERY SERIOUSLY.
    Very disappointed. Very angry. Poor customer service and poor technical support services are the lingering death of any company.

    Whats the point posting THIS in UDK forums? oO