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FrontEnd Crash

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    FrontEnd Crash

    Hello guys,

    I am trying to run my custom game from unreal frontend. I am able to build all the custom game levels of my custom game on frontEnd and launch them from frontEnd. However, i have built a separate level for my Main Menu using forecourseUI and scaleform which i built following michael allars " Main Menu tutorials using scalefor and forecourseUI " on his blog.

    The issue is after building the Main Menu level on unrealFrontEnd , when i launch the MainMenu level from frontEnd the program crahes immediately.

    I need to run the entire game from frontEnd as i have connected my "New Game" option on the Main Menu to my Custom map using the fscommand "open MapName".Also i want to package the game in future. If any of you guys have faced such an issue before please help me out ! I am using the 2011-08 UDK version. I am currently downloading the latest May release to check if the problem still persists.

    I am really sorry , due to some internet issues my thread got posted again. Request the admin to delete this thread as i already have reported the issue in another thread