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Can't hear SoundCues assigned to classes that have 'Apply Ambient Volumes' ticked

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    Can't hear SoundCues assigned to classes that have 'Apply Ambient Volumes' ticked


    Any SoundCue assigned to a SoundClass that has the 'Apply Ambient Volumes' checkbox ticked cannot be auditioned in the content browser.

    This bug arose sometime after the Jan beta.

    Anyone know anything about this?


    Hi gazwg, I'm not able to reproduce this issue in UDKGame in either the Jan build or my current one. Is there anything special you set up in the SoundCue, the Wav or the SoundClass? I import a wav, create a SoundCue for it, create a new SoundClass and enable Apply Ambient Volumes, then set the SoundCue to use the class. Then I save the package and I'm able to preview the sound just fine in the content browser.

    If you can get this to occur with a set of repro steps in UDKGame, that would be a great help.



      Hey GH, thanks for your response.

      It seems this problem only occurs before you play in editor. Ie. load up the editor and without playing in editor, repeat the steps you took above. I'm using the March beta, as well as a recently updated licensed copy of Unreal.

      It's not a showstopper because you can get round it by running PIE quickly before working with sound in the content browser. It's a bug nonetheless....

      I believe it happens because ReverbVolume indices are not initialized to -1 until you play the game, which means they default to zero, and since zero is a valid index maybe Unreal thinks the player is not inside any reverb volumes, and thus shouldn't be able to hear any SoundCues that are affected by ambient zones? Maybe.