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Windows scale of UDK Editor. [PROBLEM]

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    Windows scale of UDK Editor. [PROBLEM]

    Hi there,

    I have the following problem with UDK Editor, my max resolution is 1366*768 and some windows are not fit to my screen, so I can't reach some function in the editor. I think its a serious problem, i guess you should add a scroolbar to windows or something else, because people with lower resolution can't use UDK properly.

    The problematic windows are Mesh Pain and Unreal TerranEdit windows.


    Mesh Paint:

    Anyway, is there any solution to solve my problem?

    I got the exact same resolution and got this problem as well.

    I don't think Epic Games will fix this because most developers have high resolutions where this is absolutely no problem. Although I wish they would at least minimize the amount of blank space that's wasted on many windows, everyone would benefit if they'd optimize that.


      The mesh paint window would probably benefit from a mode where it has two columns and is wider, since most screens have more horizontal width anyway.
      Same for the terrain window: the import/export, brush size and tesselation settings would probably fit well in a column next to the large grey area there.

      Or they should introduce an option with a slider on the right side to scroll the content of the window if it's too small and also allow to resize it.


        Any reaction from Epic Games?


          Just as a hacky workaround, iirc one of the ini files holds the panel positions for the editor's gubbins. You might be able to edit it and nudge them high enough to uncover the bottom row. Thats all I've got I'm afriad.


            Right click on your desktop and choose "Personalize". Then in the bottom left, click on "Display". You should see 3 options, Smaller, Medium, or Larger. Make sure "Smaller" is on. Using Medium or Larger is most likely causing parts of the windows to be cut off. Happened to me once sometime last year after switching monitors and trying out the other sizes.